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Welcome to Dente Smile Clinic in Phuket of Thailand


Dental Clinic in Phuket of ThailandIn our Dente Smile Clinic practice, we use up-to-date-equipment, which makes for accurate diagnosis and efficient and effective treatment. The latest products and materials to provide you with exceptional cosmetic, restorative and general dentistry.

Our Dente Smile Clinic is among the best in thailand dental implant. We can whiten your smile with an in-office Zoom II dental whitening, dental laser teeth whitening session, repair your cracked or broken teeth with dental bonding or all dental porcelain crowns., replace your space with dental implant, If you're looking for a more dramatic change, we also offer Smile Makeover to help you obtain the smile of your dreams.

Dente Smile Clinic believe in an honest relationship between the doctor and patient, in which sharing detailed information with our patients plays a crucial role. We are experienced dentists and competent personal, taking care of you responsibly and compassionately.

When you want to enhance your smile, dentist at Dente Smile Clinic combine their skills and experience with extraordinary artistry to give you the smile you want. Dentist at Dente Smile Clinic helped thousands of patients over the years by providing exceptional quality treatment. Dentist at Dente Smile Clinic enjoys renovating and restoring smiles.

Dente Smile Clinic place special emphasis on creating a clam, relaxed atmosphere especially in the waiting area; coffee, tea or fruit punch served during time at the terrace.

If you're interested in a lifetime of better smile, please contact us to schedule your first appointment. When it comes to your general and cosmetic dentistry needs, we hope you'll make Dente Smile Clinic your partner in dental health.

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Our Service and Technology

Our Service
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Dental Implant
Dental Implants are the newest and most permanent way to replace missing teeth. Implants are basically artificial tooth roots that are surgically placed into the jaw bone.
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Dental Crown
A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over a tooth - covering the tooth to restore its shape and size, strength and / or to improve its appearance.
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Tooth Whitening
When teeth are in good condition but are darker than desired, whitening is the answer. Discolored teeth, whether natural or stained, can be quickly.
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Our Technology
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Intra Oral Camera
Will enable you to see any problems in your mouth the same as the doctor may street. We do want to help you understand your treatment and educate you.
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Mini Piezon
Increase the strength of a tooth with respect to fillings, Alternative to an crown when teeth damage is not extensive, Porcelain inlays/onlays does not change color over time.
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Laser Tooth Whitening
Laser activation of bleaching materials for teeth whitening, Laser - assisted uvulopaletoplasty (LAUP) for ENT specialists only, Gingival troughing for crown.
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Our information other

Consultation Step by Step
  Taking care of dental health with regular dental consultations and maintenance is a responsibility that is often neglected.  
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Travel in Phuket
  Phuket dental travel is a great way for you to discover a new place while at the same time saving money and receiving dental treatment of the highest standard.  
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